Then Satisfies The Urge In Ways Designed To Build The Legend North Fac

The North Face Jackets Outlet border monsters There are two ways to get a piece of the action at any of the big drug markets along the border:Pay off--Or kill off--Anyone who stands in your way.Drug cop, a drug cartel has to pay and kill"Beyond where any have ever gone before. " And so few boundaries--National, moral, legal--Constrain the border's worst bad guys:Benjamin arellano felix, 49, and his kid brother ramon, 36.The two baby-Faced playboys head the tijuana cartel, which sits atop mexico's $30 billion drug-Trafficking underworld and may be the most powerful organization in the country of any kind.Hundreds of tons of cocaine, plus marijuana, heroin and methamphetamine, ferried on ships, on planes and inside truckloads of legitimate merchandise.The arellanos are thought to have hundreds of millions of dollars stashed away, and that's after bribing mexican officials, cops and generals to the tune of some $75 million a year. As for murder, it has evolved from the cartel's last-Ditch way to protect market share into its preferred means of communication.Drug enforcement administration's san diego office.According to testimony from former associates, ramon often rises in the morning announcing,"I feel like killing somebody today,"Then satisfies the urge in ways designed to build the legend, feed the fear.Trademarks include"The colombian necktie"--Cutting an informant's throat below the chin, then pulling his tongue through the wound as he bleeds to death.Or suffocating a rival with a clear plastic bag over his head while a henchman named el gordo(The fat man)Bounces on North Face Sale: his chest.But perhaps ramon's favorite ritual is carne asada--Barbecue--Executing entire families and tossing their corpses on a bed of flaming tires, as he and his goons celebrate with tequila and cocaine. But if the arellanos have a weakness, it may be their failure to see that even the border's notorious criminal culture eventually has its limits.It's true that since the wild west days, when billy the kid wintered in el paso and juarez, border North Face UK Sale natives have often been a law unto themselves--A product of their historic, and justified, resentment of racist gringos to the north and haughty chilangos(Mexico city residents)To the south, who sneered at the border for being neither american nor mexican enough. "That identity crisis and alienation grew into the violent face of the border,"Says sociologist jose manuel valenzuela of tijuana's colegio de la frontera norte.Coupled with the region's poverty, it spawned a subculture of toughs, often called pachucos and cholos.


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